About the Hitchnic Table

Many of our favorite memories are made in the great outdoors, or around the dinner table. But for us, the very best memories are made at the dinner table in the great outdoors.

We are the creators of the Hitchnic Table, and we love getting outdoors with friends and family. All too often, finding a dinner table in the great outdoors is easier said than done. Many of our favorite adventure spots have picnic tables that always seem to be full, or don’t have them at all.

The portable tables we have tried take up too much space in our vehicle, don’t fit our whole family, and are generally flimsy. To solve these problems we created the Hitchnic Table.  The only portable picnic table that stores gear and doesn’t take up space.

It is the first ever go-anywhere picnic table that converts into a cargo rack for traveling so you can enjoy a large, sturdy, picnic table wherever your adventures take you.  Check it out.

Stages of Deployment

The Hitchnic Table attaches easily and securely to any vehicle with a 2 inch receiver. For extra security you can easily lock it onto your vehicle with a padlock.

The Hitchnic Table can easily hold up to 300 lbs as a cargo rack, it has a deep cargo area with side plates to more easily secure your gear, and it has a flat bottom allows you to easily slide it into a truck bed or a trailer. It Can quickly and easily be set up in as little as a minute.

The table and benches are nearly 6 feet long providing comfortable dining experience for 6 to 8 people, and even has an umbrella hole for added protection against the elements.

We designed the Hitchnic table using the same high quality materials as other popular less portable picnic table options.

We paid special attention to the stability to ensure that the Hithcnic Table has the same feel as a stationary table.  It has been designed to stand up to whatever adventures you throw at it, whether that is in your backyard, in the mountains or at the beach.

The Hitchnic Table is Patent Pending.  The design team includes Licensed Professional Engineers and Certified Safety Professionals.   We have spent hundreds of hours working on the design, testing prototypes and talking with users to make sure that the Hitchnic Table is easy and safe to use, and durable enough to stand up to years of rugged outdoor use.

We’ll see you out there!