The Hitchnic Table

Picnic Table Portability Reimagined!

How the Hitchnic Table Works

Where the Idea for the Hitchnic Table Came From

We are outdoor enthusiasts. When our families started to grow, we started to find it harder and harder to get outdoors with our families. One thing that we always seemed to run into was that we were trying to schedule around meal times or close to picnic areas. Many times when we did plan around a picnic area, the tables were already taken. Unfortunately, our vehicles didn’t accommodate toting around a picnic table and our families very well. We explored some of the options for compact picnic tables and didn’t come up with a great solution. Many of these tables were either too flimsy or too small to fit our whole family. So David, being the innovator that he is, started exploring the idea of attaching it to the trailer hitch receiver. Taking it even one step further, he figured out a way to convert a full-size picnic table into a cargo rack so now, rather than taking up space in the vehicle, it adds to the storage capacity of the vehicle.

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Check Out the Additional Cargo Capacity

Cargo space is obviously dependant on the vehicle. In our experience, additional cargo space equates with awesomer adventures! Whether it is simply the ability to bring equipment that you wouldn’t have been able to without the Hitchnic Table or whether it is having an amazingly sturdy table for any adventure, having your own Hitchnic Table can very easily equate to awesomer adventures for you! Look how much additional cargo space the Hitchnic Table can add!

How People are Using the Hitchnic Table

Camping with a hitch picnic table


Having a picnic table while camping is extremely convenient. It opens up places that you can go with the whole family. The only downside of bringing a picnic table is that it takes up a lot of room in the vehicle. Or at least that was the case before we created the Hitchnic Table. Now bringing a table adds storage capacity to your vehicle!


Picnics with your significant other or your entire family can make lasting memories! Having a convenient table to be able to have a comfortable picnic wherever you are can help make sure those memories are fond ones.


Having a sturdy table to sight your guns can really come in handy. If you need to haul an animal home after a hunt, the Hitchnic table can hold up to 300 lbs and keep the animal outside of the vehicle if you have an SUV. We are currently working on a version that will attach to an ATV which could make packing an animal out significantly easier.